Frequently asked Questions

Do I need a guide to hunt in Alberta?

Alberta Hunting Regulations require all non-resident hunters to hunt with an APOS licensed guide and to purchase a tag from a licensed Outfitting company.

How do I bring a firearm into Canada?

There is a form that is required to be filled out prior to travel that lists certain information about your firearm. A $25, gun registration fee is due upon entry into Canada. You can download the form and instructions by clicking on the link below.


Can I come early to scout my hunting area?

Yes, you can! Hunting areas are open for scouting any time after August 1st, right up until your hunt dates! Guides are not required to scout, only to hunt.

What is the best way to pay for my license when I arrive in camp?

Credit or Debit card is the easiest and you will get the proper exchange rate on the day of the transaction… just remember to let your credit card company know that you will be in Canada.

What is a reasonable tip for my guide?

As with any other service industry, 15% of the cost of your trip is a “normal” tip. All guides gladly accept US cash.

What type of stands or blinds should I bring?

Most hunters chose either a pop-up style ground blind or hang on style tree stand.

Do I need any special permits to bring my ATV/UTV?

No special permits are needed…just make sure that your home state registration and/or license plate is displayed and have proof on insurance with you.

Is there a store near camp? Fuel? Restaurant?

The village of Nordegg is located just minutes from the Canada Outdoor Adventures’ office and has a general store, 2 gas stations, liquor store, hotel, restaurant and golf course. Grocery stores, auto repair facilities and sporting goods stores are available in Rocky Mountain House, about 50 miles east.

Is there cell service where I will be hunting?

Rogers Communications has an agreement with Verizon and has fairly good coverage around the area.

Can I stay longer than the scheduled hunt dates?

You are welcome to hunt past the scheduled days for a nominal daily fee ($350 USD) to cover your guide’s fees and expenses.

Can I carry a sidearm in Alberta?

Sidearms are not allowed in Canada without a Federal Permit…all guides carry weapons for hunter safety and security. Bear Spray is recommended.

What is the average temperature during the hunting season?

September temps range from 70 (F) degrees during the day to freezing at night. October temps drop to 50 (F) degrees daytime and the potential of near zero degrees at night. November temps top out at around 40(F) degrees during the daytime with below zero temps likely in the evening.

What is the average elevation in my hunting area?

Hunting area elevations range from 4200 ft to 9500 ft above sea level.

Is there a place to have meat cut up near camp?

There is a butchering facility in Rocky Mountain House, 50 miles east of camp.

Do I need to wear blaze orange?

There is NOT a blaze orange requirement in Alberta.

What caliber of rifle do you recommend?

A magnum in the .300 caliber range is best with typical shots reaching out to 400 yds. 30-06, .280, 7MM are all viable choices.

What type of broadhead do you recommend?

A fixed blade broadhead with a minimum of 1 3/16th cutting diameter is required.